What to expect for Crypto Market in 2020 ?

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March 03, 2020


Year on year, cryptocurrency market keeps attracting the attention and trust of masses. Although the year 2019, cryptocurrency market didn’t show the same bullish trend as few previous years, a progressive cryptocurrency JD coin entered the market for creating an environment of innovation and advancement. For the traders and investors interested in cryptocurrency, needs to stay updated with the trends of the crypto market.

Updated Regulatory Environment:
Cryptocurrencies are reported to reach a cumulative market cap of nearly $278 billion in 2019. JD coin is here to stay and promote more mature regulatory environment in 2020 to further expand the applications of crypto and increase the trader’s security. JD Coin aims to create a safer environment for traders, reduce scams, and prevent the wrongful use of Cryptocurrencies. JD Coin has come up with its unique AML – anti money laundering program to safeguard the interests of its investors.

Crypto as an Investment Opportunity:
Due to some country’s laws, cryptocurrencies are not allowed to enter to their financial ecosystem by the government regulatory compliances in the current scenario. But due to the popularity, demand and ongoing trends of Cryptocurrencies, it is spreading its wings globally and becoming a favorable investment opportunity for the masses. As cryptocurrency is not governed by the government authorities, it thus becomes a cheaper and faster mode of transaction due to less incurred transactional costs.

Retail to adopt Crypto:
According to the experts forecast, retail adoption will gain a new rise in 2020. At present, many big names and corporates are moving towards the direction of using more crypto wallets to generate more traction towards this new trend. To name a few, Starbucks, Microsoft, eGifter have partnered with Cryptocurrency trading Companies to offer crypto payments for the purchase of their goods and services.

Still have a question how to choose and start in Crypto in 2020? There is a simple answer to that- Start with JD Coin! It is a safe and convenient crypto platform offering its users the best of the services and trend will continue in an accelerated manner in 2020 and beyond. JD Coin also works diligently to regulate the functions with exchanges and achieve full compliance and trust in the crypto industry.
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