JDSAB limited Company

JD Coin is launching a new venture named JDSAB limited Company on Nov 24th, 2020 in the state of Idaho, USA.

Key Highlights:

• The board members/advisors will be officially and legally registered on the panel of the JDSAB limited company under the registrar of the company.

• The board members/advisors will form a core committee for taking all major decisions of the company.

• JDSAB limited company will conduct the general board meeting every six months to overlook the operations of the company in whole.


• The eligibility for becoming the board members/advisors for JDSAB is to deposit 200k JDC with JD COIN.

• The diamond members of SAB club directly fall into the required category and will be registered under the registrar of the company secretary act of Idaho, USA

SAB (Super Advisory Board)

jd coin jdc erc 20

To put collective efforts, set new benchmarks and take JDC project to unprecedented levels.

Member Contribution

• A member shall share his/her innovative ideas and inputs towards R&D to the organization.

• Active participation is required in all promotions through social media as well as ground activities.

• Put the best foot forward to maintain a healthy and growing environment in JD community.

Terms & Conditions:

• The member is required to deposit a minimum of 200k JDC for Fixed Staking for a time period of one complete year for process of staking to begin.

• The deadline to deposit a minimum amount of 25k JDC is August 31,2020 to reserve a spot in SAB and get the benefit of Depositing the balance JDC (complete 200K) till October 31, 2020

• Get the privilege to be added into the official Telegram group of SAB.

• Post deadline, the funds will be reversed back by the company to the same address & you will no longer be eligible to become SAB Member.

Super Rewards

jd coin jdc erc 20

• SAB members will get all fixed staking benefits.

• SAB members will be a part of decision making for all R&D programs for the company.

• SAB members will have the benefit of participating in all company events/meetings at exquisite destinations as well as virtual meetings.

• After one year, SAB members will be rewarded with the same amount of JDC equivalent of their staking rewards.

• The calculated rewards will be sent to you on weekly basis.


• To maintain transparency, SAB members will have access to the SAB master club account to check the total deposit/withdrawals.

• There is a lock in period of 365 days & the member cannot claim the Staked assets under this period.

• The company will not use your Staked JDC for one year.