JD Coin: A User-Friendly, Flexible and Scalable Crypto Revolution

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What is JD Coin?

What is JD Coin?

JD Coin, with its headquarters in Idaho, USA, kicked off its success journey in April, 2019 with a simple yet challenging mission of creating a secure process of trading designed for mass adoption with industry-leading transaction speeds.

JD Coin is an open-source and next-generation blockchain protocol providing top notch transaction speed with flexible utility. The consumer-friendly JD Company is built for practical real-world use cases where traders need no prior trading experience. Since its introduction, it has been widely recognized as the one of the most performant crypto asset for businesses across the world.

Being a new entrant in the Crypto world, JD Coin has yet managed to make its position in the top 1000 crypto coin/assets in the crypto markets. Its top ranking position (As per CMC) gives a tough and friendly competition to many other existing Cryptos in the market already. With a market cap of $2,947,918 USD (Dated 01/06/2020) along with innovation initiatives, JDC collaboratively push the boundaries of the blockchain industry to encourage the traders to use them to incorporate into their daily applications and uses.

Not to forget to mention, The Company has successfully managed to list itself in the Seven top rated exchanges named- Bilaxy, FatBtc , CoinsBit and Folgory, Vindax, Catex and Etherflyer. And this is not all. The Company looks forward to list on few more competitive exchanges in the near future. These official listing not only tells a lot about the Company’s serious approach towards convenience of their users, but it also helps to enhance the experience of its traders.


The Company is comprised of a global team of talent based in different locations around the world. We always have looked to recruit exceptional people who are passionate about the future of technology. JD Coin is built with amazing minds of the developer with new features that makes the company faster, simpler and more secure

Future Strategy

As a contributor to the growth, JDC is committed to work with JDC Community to provide a strong platform to strengthen and grow the financial ecosystem. JDC will continue to explore the advancements and area of interests of the traders and make continual improvements.